my bathroom renovation adventure

After putting in new hardwood floors 2 years ago, I definitely wasn’t anxious for another renovation, but I finally bit the bullet and started planning my  new bathroom.  After I sorted out what I wanted to do, I reached out to my friend John Henderson of Apex Building & Restoration. He and his family recently moved to the Santa Barbara area and besides radon mitigation, he also does construction, plumbing, and electric.  He’s a very handy guy to know!

The bathroom is not large (just under 5′ x 10′), but I wanted to make better use of the space.  It currently had a large tub, which with the drought in California, is not something I ever use (we have 2 other bathtubs in our home). My priorities were a large walk in shower, a skylight, plank walls, and a large vanity with drawers for lots of storage. Continue reading

simple fall decorating at the little glass house

I loved autumn when I lived in New England…the crisp air, colorful leaves swirling about, hot mulled cider, and the scent and sounds of a crackling fire in the hearth.  What I never really enjoyed was fall decorating (or the winter months that followed). Even in Connecticut, I was not a fan of the reds, oranges, and russet tones that spelled out FALL. And don’t even get me started on Halloween decorations!  I guess you could say I’m a bit of a Halloween/autumn Scrooge. Continue reading

Little White Beach Bungalow: second story

In last week’s blog post I finished the tour of the downstairs of our beach bungalow. The upstairs consists of 3 bedrooms and a full bath.  Although having just one bathroom isn’t ideal, there are usually only one or two of us there at any given time. And the bathroom had been nicely renovated with a skylight to bring in lots of natural light. Continue reading

little white beach bungalow: part deux


Welcome to another peek of our Connecticut beach bungalow.  As I mentioned in my last blog post, the previous owners of our home had done extensive renovations, nowhere more apparent than in the kitchen. Would I have done a few things differently?  Perhaps… Continue reading

Favorite Etsy Shop: INDIEbungalow

I’m a bit of a pillow hoarder.  There, I’ve admitted it.  Does it mean I’m going to change my hoarding ways?  Not anytime soon!  I’ve had this problem for quite sometime and it became even worse once I discovered Etsy.  I have pillows and their assorted covers in every closet in our smallish home.  They make it so easy to change your decor in a snap!

One day about a year ago I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across this gorgeous pillow that spoke my name.  It was from an Etsy shop called INDIEbungalow.  I scrolled through her feed and discovered that Ms. Jody Lee was a really cool chick with a gorgeous mid-century modern home where she creates scads of pillows and lampshades that I’m mad about (and have since acquired)!

My boho daughter LOVES my INDIEbungalow pillows and now follows Jody on Instagram too.  She asked if I would get her a pillow for her birthday.  Well, you can just imagine what happened.  I got one for my daughter’s birthday gift and 4 for myself! (My birthday is in August…does that count?)  Oh and by the way, that sweet Jody enclosed another gorgeous pillow cover as a Birthday gift for my daughter!

Anyhoo, the pillows have arrived and I’ve wasted no time getting them acclimated to their new home!  I decided to lighten up even more for summer to counter the gloomy fog we have in the mornings here in Santa Barbara.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!  So thank you INDIEbungalow for sharing your gift with us and adding a unique touch to our Cali homes!

The Little Glass House
That fun black pillow was one of my first INDIEbungalow purchases and is one of my faves!
INDIEbungalow lampshade
An INDIEbungalow lampshade makes even a Target lamp something special
Pillow love
My new INDIEbungalow pillows at home on our sofa (second from the left and the one on the far right)