what’s in and what’s out in 2017 (and should we care?)

After a 2 week holiday hiatus from my blog, I’m ready to jump back in.  Happy New Year to you all!  With the New Year comes the inevitable lists of trends for what we should be buying and what we should be ditching.  First off, let me start by saying that I only buy things I love…if they happen to be a trend, great, if not, that’s ok too.

Secondly, who exactly decides what’s in and what’s out?  I recently read an article on my domaine with just such a list.  For fun,  I thought I’d run through it and see where my house stood in the world of designer trends for 2017.

According to the article, brass is out. I have a few brass accents around my home which lend some warmth to an otherwise modern space. They are keepers.

Brass may be out, but I love the warmth that brass and gold bring to modern interiors.

Moroccan poufs are out too.  While I love them, I don’t own one. I say hang on to them. It’s always great to have an extra seat and I love that they work in so many different settings.

This lovely can be found on Etsy.

Here’s one that will break the heart of every boho loving gal out there.  Macrame is out! Say it aint so!  I don’t own much macrame, but I love my table runner that adorns the bottom of the bed in our guest/ daughter’s room.  I found this at my fave local shop, Porch.

Macrame table runner as bedding…

I’m a huge fan of talented people like Sara of the forest fern who weaves the most amazing wall hangings…each one a work of art. There will always be a place for these beauties!

Gorgeous works by Sara, The Forest Fern… photo The Forest Fern

Thank goodness pottery is in. I have a few of Kristen’s of global eye art pieces scattered around our home and hope to collect more. (She now has a gorgeous shop in Santa Ynez…check it out!)   Pottery adds that down to earth touch in modern or traditional settings.

A tillandsia is right at home in this gorgeous pot by Global Eye Art
Lovely textural white vase by Global Eye Art…

Did you know that copper is out? Lucky for me I only own four Moscow Mule mugs which come in handy when I’m thirsty for an icy concoction.  Sorry for all you people who may have copper sinks and the like! I love metals of all kinds and think they will always be classics…

A splash of copper from my Moscow mule mugs…

I know the beautiful inky blues of indigo are everywhere but to say they are out??  I don’t think blue will ever be out of style…

A beautiful blue indigo pillow is one of many to choose from at my friend Beth Dana’s shop…

Words and signs are supposed to be a thing of the past.  I just received these script words from a dear friend and I love them next to my California light…

California sign and script words both from Mate Gallery.

White and cool gray tones are apparently no longer in vogue.  Uh oh.  I’m in trouble on that one.  Color and wallpaper are IN.  Somehow, I just can’t picture wall paper covering the walls of The Little Glass House.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love wallpaper…just not for me.  I want to be able to change my mind on a whim.  Like the time I decided to paint my first dining room a lovely shade of apple green.  That would have been made difficult if I had to remove wallpaper first!  Almost our entire home is bright with Benjamin Moore White Dove paint.

White will always be IN with me!

Reclaimed wood is OUT.  The author of the article is sick of it and suggests we buy antiques instead.  While I do own a few vintage pieces, I have a coffee table and large console made of the so called dreaded reclaimed wood.  I love the organic feel of it and the fact that it is indestructible. This comes in handy when people spill things and put their feet up on my coffee table. No coasters necessary!  Can you say the same about an antique? And not everyone can afford antiques. If you love reclaimed wood the way I do, I say just enjoy living with it.  I’m going to continue spilling and propping my feet up…

This large piece from RH works perfectly as a display for some of my fave finds, and storage for art supplies, table linens, and candles…
I love my coffee table from Kathy Kuo Home.

Can you believe the fiddle leaf fig is passé?  In fact, the author goes on to say that “indoor plants in general are an outdated accessory” and we should opt for fresh flowers instead.  Why not both?  I love my fig tree and have raised him since he was a wee twig.  He is most definitely staying put as are the rest of my little green friends.

My fig might not be IN this year but he’s not going anywhere!

While art deco and high design avant-garde furniture are apparently an IN trend for 2017, I’m pretty sure they  wouldn’t be right for me or for our midcentury modern abode.  I prefer a mix of furniture that looks comfortable living in my home.  Embellishments such as ruffles, pleats, and ornate carvings are also IN.  That’s great if it’s your thing, but I have a simple aesthetic and it wouldn’t work for me…

The bottom line is, we can’t just change the contents of our homes based on what’s in and what’s out in the world of design trend setters (that would get mighty expensive).  It’s fun to try new things, but be true to yourself and what you love.  If you buy things you love, more often than not, your home will be an expression of you!  And by the way do you think elephant tables will ever be IN? 😉

Who knows, maybe elephant tables will be a trend in 2017!

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