summer vibes at the little white beach bungalow

Summer is in full swing in New England.  While I was there in early to mid June, the temperatures started in the 60’s and then soared well into the 90’s!  I spent part of my time at the bungalow fine tuning the outdoor spaces and a bit of tweaking indoors too! Continue reading

the quest to create our dream fire pit

When my hubby and I moved to Santa Barbara and bought a house six years ago, we knew we wanted to embrace the California outdoor lifestyle. This meant adding things like a hot tub, an outdoor shower, and a place to gather…a fire pit.  While my husband has incredible faith in my ability to design gardens (as I did in Connecticut), I knew that with irrigation, electric, gas lines, and poured concrete hardscaping, I was in way over my head! Continue reading

Ivy Cottage

As I was doing some New Years purging of my desk, I came across the real estate brochure from our previous home in Westport, Connecticut.  I hadn’t looked at it in some time and so with fresh eyes I studied the pictures of the home that we had lived in for twenty years. I only wish I had some of the before photos- they are probably buried somewhere in the garage in our old photo albums. Continue reading

Bye bye lawn, hello gravel!

As the drought wears on, lawns are going from green to brown and water bills are rising. I decided that we definitely didn’t need a lawn in our front and side yards. Being from the East Coast where lawns are a homeowners pride and glory, it took a bit of convincing for my husband to trade gravel for grass.

Having the yard torn up for weeks wasn’t a picnic, but the end result was certainly worth it. Neither of us miss the lawn one bit. And while the lower water bills are nice, I’m still hoping for a rainy winter…fingers crossed!