summer in coastal connecticut

Summers in New England can be brutally hot and humid, especially in August.  I was lucky to experience some beautiful balmy clear days, a little rain, and even a few fall like days.  As a child, August was never my favorite month, even with my birthday at the tail end.  It signaled the end of carefree summer days and colder weather just around the corner.  I can appreciate August and September now.   Continue reading

lovely fairfield county, connecticut

While I love living in Santa Barbara, California, there are some things that just can’t be duplicated here on the West coast.  A part of me will always love New England…Connecticut to be specific, where we still own a home.  Here are a few recent glimpses of some of my favorite things about Fairfield County, Connecticut. Continue reading

Ivy Cottage

As I was doing some New Years purging of my desk, I came across the real estate brochure from our previous home in Westport, Connecticut.  I hadn’t looked at it in some time and so with fresh eyes I studied the pictures of the home that we had lived in for twenty years. I only wish I had some of the before photos- they are probably buried somewhere in the garage in our old photo albums. Continue reading

East Coast Girl (for a week)

Autumn is a magical time of year in New England. The crisp air where you can see your breath, the red, orange, and golden leaves, and the smell of cinnamon and apples combine to transport me back to my simple, sweet childhood.  I look forward to my return visit every year. Continue reading