summer vibes at the little white beach bungalow

Summer is in full swing in New England.  While I was there in early to mid June, the temperatures started in the 60’s and then soared well into the 90’s!  I spent part of my time at the bungalow fine tuning the outdoor spaces and a bit of tweaking indoors too! Continue reading

Life’s Simple Pleasures (or a perfect day)

To me,  it’s the simple things that can add up to a perfect day.  Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the not so perfect days too. Like when your car won’t start, or you think you have the flu, or your poor hubby gets stuck in a snowstorm and misses your anniversary.  But sometimes a day is so close to flawless, it needs to be acknowledged. Continue reading

Showering Al Fresco

One of the pleasures of living in Santa Barbara is being able to take an outdoor shower all year round. When we were in the design phase of our backyard landscaping project, my husband’s priority was a hot tub. We both agreed we wanted a fire pit, but what I wanted most was an outdoor shower.  I fondly remember my first outdoor shower at the Jersey Shore when I was just a kid. There was something so invigorating after a long sandy day at the beach about being able to rinse off outdoors! Continue reading