3 instagrammers i love

I love sharing inspiring Instagram accounts and honestly, there are so many, I don’t think I will ever be at a loss to find them! The gorgeous feature photo belongs to the talented Paige Thornton (paige_r.thornton)  I’m in love with her entire home but especially the kitchen! Paige lives in a stunning Alabama farmhouse that she remodeled and was recently featured in Country Living Magazine. Do yourself a favor and take a gander. I know you will love her and her home as much as I do! Continue reading

how to make a modern home work when you are a cottage girl at heart

For those of you who follow me, you know I moved to California from a traditional home in New England… a  1917 stone and stucco Connecticut cottage to be exact.  I grew up in older homes with lots of character and even lived in a historic brownstone building in NYC when I was first married.  “Modern” just wasn’t part of my vocabulary.  When we decided to buy a house in Santa Barbara, I was at first drawn to the older Spanish homes that oozed charm.  I searched for nine months and knew every new listing as soon as it hit the market.  One day while I was scrolling through endless pictures of homes on the internet, a new listing caught my eye.  It was described as an “airy, informal, and romantic home… a stunning mid-century modern shaped to embrace the outdoors”.  Hmm. Well it looked promising. It was bright and open in the photographs. Continue reading

The Ever Expanding Gallery Wall

I love art. I love the thrill of finding a piece that speaks to you and I love the soul that it brings to a home. I was an art major in college and I’m now a sometimes-watercolorist.  I left most of my paintings at our home on the East Coast. I have a copious amount of paintings that couldn’t possibly all fit in The Little Glass House. One of the qualities I love most about our home in California is the abundance of natural light because of the numerous French doors and floor to ceiling windows. However, it drastically reduces the amount of wall space to hang art. Continue reading

My love affair with a store

I spent all but the last few years of my life living on the East Coast. My last home that I shared with my husband and daughter was a traditional cottage that looked like it had been plucked straight from the English country side. It was stone and stucco with a cedar roof, complete with ivy strewn walls. In fact, we named it “Ivy Cottage”. I had always been drawn to older homes with charm and character.  Of course, older homes come with their own set of problems that would take up too much of this post to go into! Continue reading

step into the light

“Step into the Light” was the tag line on the brochure when we bought The Little Glass House. Unimposing from the street, the only reason I went to see it (after 9 long months of house hunting) was because the photos on the Internet looked intriguing.  When I first pulled into the driveway of The Little Glass House, my expectations were low.   However, once I stepped inside, I was greeted by brilliant sunshine and a delicious breeze as all of the doors were thrown wide open. With 11 sets of French doors the lines between the inside and outside were blurred. Add to that an abundance of windows, and I was in the midst of airy, informal home that was infused with light. Continue reading