my dream living room

I was recently asked by someone, “if I could design my dream living room, what would it look like?”  Hmmm.  I must admit I’m pretty dang happy with the living room I have now, but hey, let’s just dream…and remember in a dream there is no budget! Continue reading

3 tried and true paint colors (and a few other faves)

Anyone who knows me is aware of my borderline obsession love of white. Even my husband only sends me white flowers with touches of green.  It is the question I get asked most often…”what white did you use?” Continue reading

Pillow Swap

I’ll admit it. I have an addiction…to pillows. I’ve learned through Instagram and Pinterest that I am not alone in my pillow hoarding. You know who you are.  I fall in love with pillows, like most girls fall in love with shoes or jewelry. Here’s the rub, I buy them without even knowing where in our home they are going to go!  I have pillow covers stacked in closets and drawers- and don’t get me started on the down inserts! Continue reading