a tisket a tasket, a vintage african basket..

Sometimes, (ok truth be told, this happens to me a lot), an object speaks to you and it’s clear that it is coming home with you. This happened to me recently when a friend and I were on a little field trip to the malibu design center. ¬†This place is a treasure trove of inspiration for people who love organic, natural, modern design! ūüėČ ¬†We spotted an assortment of various size vintage African baskets on a table. ¬†It was love at first sight. I picked out a smallish one, and my friend chose two for herself. ¬†I had no idea where mine was going to go, but knew it was coming to Santa Barbara. ¬†The texture, the color, and yes, even the smell! ¬†These baskets were used by African women to cook with. ¬†You can still smell the fire and feel the soul of these women in every beautiful detail. Continue reading

Florida House Tour: “Barefoot Cottage”

My mom and I both share a passion for decorating. Over the years and through¬†many different homes, we have collaborated our ideas. When we visit each other we invariably¬†take on some decorating projects in our respective homes. Last year, we revamped the cottage’s living room and rehung the gallery wall. This year we edited the master bedroom and added some touches of blue and so on. Continue reading