Guest Post: what I love about The Little Glass House

This week I (Kelsey, Elizabeth’s daughter) have taken over my mom’s blog post, while she has been crazy busy getting the new East Coast abode together. She’s been kind (and crazy?) enough to trust me and a few girlfriends to take a little weekend getaway to The Little Glass House. Santa Barbara is the perfect place to go and recharge. It’s a short drive from Los Angeles (about an hour and a half) but feels like planets away. An hour and a half in LA gets you about two miles on the 405 during rush hour. Driving up the 101 is a beautiful trip in itself and every time I step foot in The Little Glass House, it’s like a breath of fresh air. It has quickly become one of my favorite destinations. Continue reading

Our new east coast beach bungalow

I didn’t dare share this until we closed on the house. I was sure that I would jinx the whole thing.

On my last visit to Connecticut in June, it came to our attention that a few homes had become available in a small coastal area near our rented townhouse. This is a community that rarely sees houses come on the market and so we decided to check a few of them out. Continue reading

West Coast Winter

This is my seventh winter in Santa Barbara.  My friends back in Connecticut often ask me what it’s like and if I miss the seasons. The answer: I LOVE winter here and no, I don’t miss the seasons. You may be surprised, but we actually do have seasonal changes! Continue reading

the glass is always greener…

When we lived in Connecticut, we would go to the beach on  weekends in the summer. One of our favorite past times was collecting sea glass…those beautiful pieces of glass that, after seven to ten years tumbled in the ocean, become little treasures. Continue reading

Entertaining Cali Style

I moved to California from Connecticut 6 years ago. To say it was a bit of a culture shock would be an understatement. There are far too many differences to go into in one blog post so I will focus on one of my favorites….entertaining. Continue reading