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  1. I follow your Instagram and love your house and style so much! Can I ask about your farm table? It looks like the one I just ordered from restoration hardware and was wondering if you used anything to seal it or finish it? I’m worried about changing the color too much but don’t want to leave it unsealed? Yours looks amazing


    • Hi Elizabeth. The farm table is indeed from RH. I’ve decided to let it age and it has darkened and developed a patina from being in the bright sunlight and with use. It is a big step for me to let something get a bit messy with water marks and such but also very freeing! 🙂 That being said, my parents have found the name of a product from an expert in wood flooring that is flat and does not change the color of the wood. I am happy to get you the name of the product if you are interested.


  2. Love your design and would like to sign up for your blog but can’t find where to sign up. I see you have Instagram , maybe that is the only option? Thank you for your help! Susan


      • Elizabeth , I clicked on “follow” like you said but it takes me to “World Press” and looks like an app where you have a password to get in like for Instagram. Doesn’t look like a blog site like I’m trying for. Sorry to be such a dimwit, guess I’m not too computer savvy.


      • Elizabeth , I think I might be signed up. I received a confirmation request. Yeah! Thanks for your help! Susan

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