a tisket a tasket, a vintage african basket..

Sometimes, (ok truth be told, this happens to me a lot), an object speaks to you and it’s clear that it is coming home with you. This happened to me recently when a friend and I were on a little field trip to the malibu design center. ¬†This place is a treasure trove of inspiration for people who love organic, natural, modern design! ūüėČ ¬†We spotted an assortment of various size vintage African baskets on a table. ¬†It was love at first sight. I picked out a smallish one, and my friend chose two for herself. ¬†I had no idea where mine was going to go, but knew it was coming to Santa Barbara. ¬†The texture, the color, and yes, even the smell! ¬†These baskets were used by African women to cook with. ¬†You can still smell the fire and feel the soul of these women in every beautiful detail. Continue reading

summertime blues

I have a confession. ¬†I’ve never decorated with blues in my¬†own home. ¬†Yes, I’ve used aquas, greens, and a whole lot of white, but not the blues that you typically associate with coastal homes. ¬†I’ve certainly used them in other projects but I guess I felt it would be too obvious in a Santa Barbara house. Continue reading

seeing sea glass…

Let me start off by saying I’m not an expert on sea glass. ¬†I won’t go into the different names and categories.¬† There are plenty of good books on the subject. ¬†I¬†am however, an insatiable collector (read addict) of these colorful frosted beauties tossed on the beach by the sea. Continue reading

when coastal living comes to call

So one day I get an e-mail from the homes editor at Coastal Living magazine wondering if I would be interested in being in one of their issues.  At first I thought it must be a mistake and how did they even find me?  Thank you Instagram!  A few months after that first e-mail, on three rare sunny days (it had been a stormy February), Coastal Living came to call at The Little Glass House. Continue reading

blood orange cocktails that will knock your socks off!

I’ve gotten¬†many requests to share the coveted recipe for Blood Orange Cosmos. ¬†My dear friend Bart Miller graciously said that I could share it with you! ¬†I warn you though, do not drink and drive after indulging in this delicious concoction… Continue reading