out with the rosemary!

When we moved to The Little Glass House seven years ago, we redid the landscaping. You can see some of the changes here.  Things grow incredibly fast and big here in Southern California, and before I knew it, that cute tiny rosemary hedge became a four foot monster!  Here’s what the back yard looked like when we bought our house as seen from inside… Continue reading

the quest to create our dream fire pit

When my hubby and I moved to Santa Barbara and bought a house six years ago, we knew we wanted to embrace the California outdoor lifestyle. This meant adding things like a hot tub, an outdoor shower, and a place to gather…a fire pit.  While my husband has incredible faith in my ability to design gardens (as I did in Connecticut), I knew that with irrigation, electric, gas lines, and poured concrete hardscaping, I was in way over my head! Continue reading

Life’s Simple Pleasures (or a perfect day)

To me,  it’s the simple things that can add up to a perfect day.  Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the not so perfect days too. Like when your car won’t start, or you think you have the flu, or your poor hubby gets stuck in a snowstorm and misses your anniversary.  But sometimes a day is so close to flawless, it needs to be acknowledged. Continue reading

the glass is always greener…

When we lived in Connecticut, we would go to the beach on  weekends in the summer. One of our favorite past times was collecting sea glass…those beautiful pieces of glass that, after seven to ten years tumbled in the ocean, become little treasures. Continue reading

Hiking is Good for the Soul….and the legs!

I’m going to be honest here.  Before moving to Santa Barbara six years ago, I had never hiked a day in my life. Oh, I had taken long walks in my neighborhood or along the beach, but never an actual HIKE. In my mind, hiking was something healthy, young, outdoorsy people did… the kind of people who like to go camping or backpacking. It was not for a 40-something year old whose idea of camping  requires a bed and a bathroom…and maybe a hairdryer! Continue reading