bringing in spring

It has been a rough winter in Santa Barbara.  From the Thomas Fire to the mudslides,  everything has been turned upside down.  We have not had rain since the slide and with warmer than normal temperatures, it certainly doesn’t feel like winter.  Although it is only the beginning of February, I was feeling the need for a bit of color and to lighten things up both aesthetically and emotionally.

As all of you know, I don’t do a dark winter palette.  I incorporate lots of texture and neutrals for a cozy feel with throws, fur pillows and shearling.

edb designs
I started with the console bringing in my blue and green glass. The sofa and chair are still in winter mode with furry pillows and sheepskin on the chair.
edb designs
Another view of the console top.  Notice my moose antler is still my winter feel on the dining table, but soon to be changed to sea glass…

I literally have closets filled with throws and pillow covers so that I can change the decor when the mood strikes me.  I still kept a light palette, but with hints of aqua and greens.  And of course, the sea glass takes center stage once again!

edb designs
The throw is from Brahms Mount.
edb designs
Plants are always helpful bringing the outside in, and of course, I always add touches of black like this bowl from Porch.
edb designs
Little changes can have a big impact…
edb designs
Lots of texture and green plants…
edb designs
My black and white pillows from Beth Dana Design are back and some green sea glass…
edb designs
I love using green as a neutral for table settings…
edb designs
Keeping it simple and green for Spring…
edb designs
Texture and some white hydrangeas make things feel light and serene in the bedroom…

Just a few small changes can change the mood and feel of a room. Happy Spring! Next I’m going to tackle my outdoor spaces.  Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “bringing in spring

  1. Such a beautiful home Elizabeth and you all deserve some “calm time” after all the sadness with the events the last few months brought! Love your cabinets to the left of your sofa. Are they built in or did you purchase them? Hope you have a happy and uneventful Spring!

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    • Thank you, Susan. The cabinet is built in and was installed by the previous owner as a divider, storage, and to house all of the electronic equipment. It also serves as a hallway to the guest room. Brilliant!


  2. It looks lovely Elizabeth, very inviting. I do exactly the same thing with switching the pillowcases and couch cover ( ikea, so easy) and throws. I even change the curtains every spring and fall. Fun!!
    Did you have a lot to clean after the fires in the house and in your garden?

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    • Hi Petra! Pillows and throws are a bit of an addiction for me. 🙂 We are all cleaned up from the ash. It did take time and I am in the process of replacing outdoor cushions. All in all, we were extremely lucky and I am beyond grateful.

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