favorite shop: scout

You all know by now how I love to shop local.  This past weekend while my daughter was visiting, she was going on about this new shop she had passed downtown but wasn’t open when she had walked by.  Luckily, quite accidentally, we stumbled upon SCOUT while doing some Christmas shopping the next day.

Favorite Shop:  Scout
You’re in for a treat here!

I was in love the moment I walked through the door… bright white interior with gorgeous vintage furniture, art, and accessories all tastefully arranged.  That the proprietress was a delight was simply icing on the cake!  And did I mention the reasonable prices?

Favorite Shop:  SCOUT
Can I just move in? And where can I put that fabulous love seat??

Edie Caldwell and her daughter Meredith Shank opened their small shop in September and I hope they are here to stay for a long time.  Edie told me that she and her daughter only buy items they would put in their own homes.  That’s probably why the shop feels so much like a home and small though it is, I was captivated by every item from the beautifully upholstered vintage rattan love seat, to an old gin crate that made its way home with me.

Favorite Shop:  Scout
The charming Edie writing up my bill. There’s my gin crate on the rug, ready to go home with me!
Favorite Shop:  Scout
This little beauty is going to a clients home…
Favorite Shop:  Scout
Check out that sweet little door below the stairs…
Favorite Shop:  Scout
I love that my daughter loves shops like this as much as I do!

If you are local, I highly recommend you stop by.  If you’re not, do check out their highly original and entertaining Instagram! If you see something you fancy, you can even buy it via the app by DMing them with your zip code for purchase. I have no doubt you will be as charmed by this shop as I am.


35 East Ortega Street

Santa Barbara, CA  93101



Favorite Shop:  Scout
Photo: SCOUT website


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