out with the rosemary!

When we moved to The Little Glass House seven years ago, we redid the landscaping. You can see some of the changes here.  Things grow incredibly fast and big here in Southern California, and before I knew it, that cute tiny rosemary hedge became a four foot monster!  Here’s what the back yard looked like when we bought our house as seen from inside…

Out with the Rosemary!
There was no patio, no fire pit, and no outdoor shower. But there was a lawn and some fabulous livestock tanks that the previous owner left behind.

I adored the rosemary hedge!  It hid a path leading to our stock tanks, which I planted with herbs, roses, a lemon tree, and a grapefruit tree.

Out with the Rosemary!
The rosemary hedge was about 3 feet tall a few years ago bordering the path to the tanks.

But after some time, and even with constant trimming, the rosemary got woody, dead spots and grew way too tall.  It got to the point that it was so overgrown, I didn’t even want to venture back there!  I completely neglected the garden tanks…

Out with the Rosemary!
This was after hacking the rosemary back by a foot. You may think it doesn’t look too bad but wait until you see the other side. And you can’t even see the garden anymore!
Out with the Rosemary!
Not so pretty looking from here!

I knew the hedge would have to go.  But what to replace it with?  My landscape architect friend gave me the solution.  Don’t replace it with anything! Extend the gravel and leave it open for easy access to the gardens.  I thought that was brilliant, especially because gravel is way less expensive than buying a plethora of plants!

Out with the Rosemary!
The little apple tree can breathe now…and so can I!  Not to mention our yard looks twice as big!
Out with the Rosemary!
Quite a different view from the outdoor shower…

Out with the Rosemary!

For those of you who are wondering, these tanks are almost 4 feet across and about 2 feet tall.  You can purchase them at feed stores, but I recently bought a 3 foot galvanized stock tank on Amazon here.

Out with the Rosemary!

Of course right after we finished, Santa Barbara was hit with 100+ degree temperatures so plants will take a bit to bounce back and fill in.  🙂  Stay tuned…

Out with the Rosemary!
There is still work to be done, but I love being able to see the garden again!  And don’t worry, I still have PLENTY of rosemary! 🙂




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