3 instagrammers i love

While I don’t consider myself or my home boho, I do love a controlled riot of plants and colors and can appreciate the talent that it takes to make it all work.  So here are 3 of my fave accounts right now…some you may know and some may be new to you, but all are chock full of inspiration!

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Cassie of Magic Baby Vintage, but when she recently posted pics of her kids at Jody of IndieBungalow’s (an IG friend whose style and pillows I’m more than a little obsessed with) home, I knew I had found some magic indeed. Feast your eyes on some of this interior stylist’s creations!

3 Instagrammers I Love
The photo that started it all for me…
3 Instagrammers I Love
Pure fun!
3 Instagrammers I Love
Night magic…

Now that I think of it, I believe I found Cassie through Jody’s #finditstyleit tag on Instagram!  Jody lives in an ultra cool, hip home and makes fabulous pillows. I’m happy to have ownership of more than a few of them…Do I wish she posted more pictures of her fab home? Yes! But, I adore her pillow creations and her sense of humor and so I will happily obsess over the few house pics that she does post! You can find her on Instagram as IndieBungalow.

3 Instagrammers I Love
You just know there is something good behind this fantastic gate!
3 Instagrammers I Love
I would love to be at a dinner party here!
3 Instagrammers I Love
Need I say more?
3 Instagrammers I Love
It’s best if I don’t see her pillows on Instagram…somehow they end up in my home!

Last but certainly not least is Ms. Carley Summers better known on Instagram as carlaypage.  She’s both a stylist and a photographer so you are getting some quality inspiration here.  This girl has mad skills and I am always inspired by her home, photo shoots, or vacation shots! You will be too…

3 Instagrammers I Love
This entryway is perfection…
3 Instagrammers I Love
Table envy…
3 Instagrammers I Love
Dreams are made of this…

I know you will enjoy these ladies talents as much as I do!


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