What I’m going to do with my little green bathroom

I love the color green. It’s the color of grass, plants, trees, and my bathroom, which is literally swimming in a sea of green.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this tiny green mosaic bathroom.  It’s just time for a change.  I’ve had six years to think about what I would like it to be.  After installing new wood floors in our home in 2015, I just couldn’t face another messy renovation.  Maybe it’s like childbirth and the pain of the memory will fade with time.  Whatever the reason, I kept putting it off.  It was my husband that kept pushing me to get this done.  I’m here in California quite often by myself, and he is certain that the bathtub is a death trap that one day is going to cause me to fall and break something. It is a very large tub to step over and into.

The death trap…

There is also the fact that we are in the midst of a historic drought and I would feel too guilty to even fill up this huge tub.  We have two other bathtubs and an outdoor hot tub so I’m quite fine with giving this one up.  It takes up half of the entire bathroom.  Since there is no way to really enlarge the space unless I want to give up my closet (horrors!), I’m going to take some of the space away from the giant tub.

This will free up room for a larger vanity.  I chose one from RH Modern with drawers instead of doors which are much more functional for me.

My new vanity

I adore how simple it is with no hardware. I love to mix the rustic with the modern so I’m excited to see this vanity against the smooth 8″ wide plank walls that will replace all those green tiles!

I’m changing out the tub for a walk in shower and bringing back the 1″ mosaic tiles in honed marble this time. A simple, large, gray, concrete looking tile will cover the floor.

My mosaics will only be 1″ squares . The floor will be 12″ x 24″ warm gray tiles…

While the vanity will be larger with more storage, the toilet will be smaller and wall mounted.  It won’t project as far into the room and will be so much easier to clean around!

Wall to wall green tiles and an orange vanity…

While the photo above makes it appear to be a bright bathroom (it has two windows), it is actually one of the darkest spots in the house.  I just happened to capture it during the brightest time of the day.  Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows how much I love my Cali light, so this bathroom is going to have a great big honkin’ sky light over the sink.  I have always loved a skylight in the bathroom and now we will have one in our homes on each coast.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a full bathroom remodel and I’m not gonna lie, I’m dreading the dust, mess, and having to move out of my bedroom.

You’d think my bedroom was being remodeled! Geez!

My closets are sealed up and all of my stuff is in the garage, but I’m just going to keep picturing that bright happy space and try to ignore the rest, because it’s sure not pretty.

Day 1 and stuff is happening here, people!
A whole lot of ugly

Wish me luck.  We Virgos aren’t know for our patience and we don’t do messy very well either!


6 thoughts on “What I’m going to do with my little green bathroom

  1. Oh yeah, Virgos, we can be a little difficult when it comes to things not in their proper place and dust everywhere.
    Good luck and happy turkey day to you and your family. Regards, Lorraine

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  2. Oh my, tough times ahead dear Virgo! 🙂 But the planning, the expectations and the waiting can be great to especially since you’ve selected such beautiful things. Good luck!!

    P.S: that little stool in your first photo is so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tell me about it! I know it will be worth it just like the new floors. It’s just a long process. And that sweet little stool will find a home in the new bathroom. 🙂


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