Guest Post: what I love about The Little Glass House

This week I (Kelsey, Elizabeth’s daughter) have taken over my mom’s blog post, while she has been crazy busy getting the new East Coast abode together. She’s been kind (and crazy?) enough to trust me and a few girlfriends to take a little weekend getaway to The Little Glass House. Santa Barbara is the perfect place to go and recharge. It’s a short drive from Los Angeles (about an hour and a half) but feels like planets away. An hour and a half in LA gets you about two miles on the 405 during rush hour. Driving up the 101 is a beautiful trip in itself and every time I step foot in The Little Glass House, it’s like a breath of fresh air. It has quickly become one of my favorite destinations.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share a brief little compilation of some of my favorite parts about The Little Glass House.

The fire pit 

The fire pit, while beautiful to look at, has also become a place of community and fun. Whether it’s chatting over it with a glass of wine, rounding everyone up after a dinner party to eat dessert around it, or listening to my dad play guitar and my mom sing, so many special and memorable moments happen here.

Whispering Angel & slippers around the fire pit
Dad & I having a quiet moment around the fire pit


The hot tub

I, for one, was extremely excited when my parents decided to put a hot tub in the plans when they bought the Little Glass House. I had never even heard of a Redwood hot tub before. I’d been in hot tubs made of plastic and stone, but never wood. Everything from the smell and the feel of it is wonderful. The only downside is it’s so difficult to bring yourself to get out, I always end up a wrinkly prune.

The redwood hot tub (photo from SBdigs)
You never want to get out, trust me (photo from SB Digs)


The nearby hikes & Botanical Garden

One of the best parts of The Little Glass House is you don’t have to drive to get to the mountains or explore in nature. There’s a fantastic hike that’s in walking distance (should you feel ambitious enough to walk the extra mile to get to the trailhead) along with the Botanical Gardens which are just up the road.

Caught a snap of EDB Designs
Morning hikes
Botanical Gardens
Redwoods in the Botanical Gardens

EDB Designs’ decorating

If you haven’t noticed by now, my mom’s decorating is impeccable. From the vignettes, to the orchids, to the outdoor space. I lived in Santa Barbara for a little while and I remember we got a great deal on a studio to rent through a family friend. Upon seeing it for the first time, I started crying. It was dark and dismal and sort of looked like a crack den. However, my mom assured me that she could make it cool. And she did. She turned it into the most lovely little apartment. She really has a magic touch.

One of many vignettes
I will take credit for forcing her to buy that little orange surfboard



Santa Barbara in general


Lastly, the Little Glass House is located in one of the most beautiful little corners of California, and maybe even the United States. Santa Barbara needs no explanation. This house is as special as where it lives. I can’t wait to be there.

Beach walks
Butterfly Beach
View from the Court House
Sunset at The Little Glass House

5 thoughts on “Guest Post: what I love about The Little Glass House

  1. Thank you Kelsey for such an insightful post! You and your friends are welcome in our home! Thank you for guest hosting this week as I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and can’t even find my dang toothbrush! Getting it ready for your East coast visit 😉 xoxo mom


  2. Very nice post. You’re right, your mom has impecable tastes. I went to Santa Barbara a couple of times the past few years while my daughter was attending USC and really liked it. I’m from the Midwest so it’s really different and lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great guest post Kelsey, really makes me want to visit Santa Barbara – so much nicer than the cold and flattest part of England where I live. And I totally agree about your mum’s impeccable taste, real inspiration for me.


  4. Sweet post, Kelsey! It feels like a bit of heaven indeed…. Good luck in your travels, Elizabeth! Can’t wait to see the East Coast Cottage post.

    Liked by 1 person

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