a magical shop called botanik

In the tiny beachside town of Summerland, in a quaint 1920’s Victorian cottage, sits a home and garden boutique called botanik.  This is another go-to  destination for me and for all who know about this incredible place.  What my favorite local shops have in common, are the wonderful, helpful, cheerful people who own and work at them. Botanik is no exception.

Molly Hutto worked there for 15 years starting as a flower delivery driver. She became an invaluable asset when she started creating her beautiful succulent arrangements.  I believe Molly has single handedly put succulents on the map here in California!  Her creations are works of art that evolve and change with time.  And don’t even get me started on the towering white orchids that grace the shop.  I simply drop off my pot, and when I return, a gorgeous arrangement has emerged.  The best part is that the huge blooms last for months!  When the previous owner decided to retire from retail, Molly took over as the sole owner.  It wasn’t something she sought, but just happened as a natural progression. Luckily, the other two gal wonders, Henke and Deborah stayed on, and it was a seamless transition!

botanik is a shop after my own Cali girl heart (I think after 7 years I can call myself that.)  When you first step inside, you are immediately enveloped by a sense of calm.  It is such a zen and peaceful space.  It is brimming with a lot of white, neutrals, textures, global finds, and of course those gorgeous orchids.  There are beautiful garden inspired gifts for any occasion, unique furniture finds, and heaps of inspiration for your own home.

Outside is a pocket size garden done to perfection, complete with a sublime fountain, outdoor furniture, along with Molly’s incredible succulent sensations.  There are dozens of pots and containers to house any plant. Like the shop itself, the garden is full of tranquil little moments in every inch.  You may not want to leave!

botanik is always a beautiful and soulful place, but if you get the chance, try and visit at Christmastime when it is sheer magic in a white, organic, natural way that nobody does better…

Natural elements beautifully displayed
Baskets, rugs, and handmade pillows
A sea of indigo and blue
The magical garden
A plethora of pots
A garden moment
Some of Molly’s gorgeous succulent creations under a swoon worthy pergola
The Little Glass House
My own orchids from botanik
Molly’s latest creation is our outdoor centerpiece

If you love botanik (and who doesn’t?), Molly Hutto has also started an event and vacation rental business at the Bates Ranch House, a charming 1928 adobe home her family inherited 10 years ago.  It sits atop a ridge overlooking the ocean and Rincon Point.  It’s like being able to stay at botanik but with a view!  Amazing!


Phone:  805.565.3831

2329 Lillie Avenue, Summerland, CA 93067

E-mail:  contact@botanikinc.com

2 thoughts on “a magical shop called botanik

  1. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! I am in awe… Gorgeous shop, not just for its succulents and orchids but the design itself is simply stunning! I particularly like the blues & whites, seagrass carpeting, the shelving units, those pillows and mirrors… OK, I love everything about this place 🙂

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    • It’s definitely one of my favorites and it changes all the time. It always looks so fresh and inviting. On top of that it is owned and run but the nicest people. I love supporting our local businesses. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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