touches of tillandsias

Every home can benefit from having living plants. They add color and life to a room in a way that nothing else can. However, not everyone has a green thumb or the patience to care for plants.  That’s where tillandsias can be a good solution. What on earth is a tillandsia? It’s common name is “air plant” because it grows without soil. Water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves so they require little care. While I have my share of potted plants in our home, I find that tillandsias are perfect for adding the finishing touch to a vignette because they can go almost anywhere!

Here are just a few ways I decorate with tillandsias in our home. On our gallery wall, the centerpiece is a large basket. A tillandsia is very at home resting on the rim and adds a quirky touch to the ensemble.

Gallery wall


Sitting pretty

A clamshell full of wine corks is home to a trio of mini tillandsias.


And this mantle vignette wouldn’t come to life without the blue green color of the tillandsia bursting from the weathered frame.


Fortunately, tillandsias are easy care beauties. Every 10 days or so, I gather them up, and give them a quick soak in a bowl of water, let them dry, and that’s it.  Most of them have survived several years.  I buy mine at our local farmers market but many nurseries and online sources sell them as well.

For adding a touch of life and color with very little care, tillandias can’t be beat!

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