Pillow Swap

I’ll admit it. I have an addiction…to pillows. I’ve learned through Instagram and Pinterest that I am not alone in my pillow hoarding. You know who you are.  I fall in love with pillows, like most girls fall in love with shoes or jewelry. Here’s the rub, I buy them without even knowing where in our home they are going to go!  I have pillow covers stacked in closets and drawers- and don’t get me started on the down inserts!

But for someone like me, who likes to change things up frequently, pillows are a relatively inexpensive  way to go for a different mood or to try a new color.  I realize pillows can be pricey, but I don’t go for those $300+ beauties. Some of my best-loved finds have been found on Etsy (hello INDIEBungalow)  for a fraction of those prices found in high end shops and are of excellent quality. Actually, one of those Etsy gals has now become an Instagram friend!

Christmas is the season when I really like to change things up.  I go for a soft, clean wintery look…..as wintery as you can get here in Santa Barbara, California, that is.  While I adore my black African mud cloth pillows on the lounge chairs by our fireplace, they don’t really scream “holiday”.  However, swapped out with my Mongolian Lamb pillow covers (thank you West Elm), the space feels cozy and more like a party!

African mud cloth pillows are bold and beautiful but not very Christmasy
With fuzzy lamb pillow covers, I can almost taste the eggnog!

In the living room, it’s as simple as swapping out the brighter color pillows for something softer. Instead of linen lumbar pillows on the chairs, faux fur is fun and more seasonal.  A soft green velvet pillow on the sofa is more in keeping with the look I’m going for…. a serene, calm, Christmas!

While I love my bold black pillow and the blues of the linen pillows, I like to opt for a softer, warmer look at Christmas.
Neutral colors in velvet and faux fur are cozy

These pillows will hang around through the first part of January and then I will be ready to swap them out yet again….after all, I have shelves of pillow covers to choose from. I may even start a support group for people like me for one of my New Year’s Resolutions!

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