step into the light

“Step into the Light” was the tag line on the brochure when we bought The Little Glass House. Unimposing from the street, the only reason I went to see it (after 9 long months of house hunting) was because the photos on the Internet looked intriguing.  When I first pulled into the driveway of The Little Glass House, my expectations were low.   However, once I stepped inside, I was greeted by brilliant sunshine and a delicious breeze as all of the doors were thrown wide open. With 11 sets of French doors the lines between the inside and outside were blurred. Add to that an abundance of windows, and I was in the midst of airy, informal home that was infused with light.

After renting a dark condo (the kind where you have to have all of the lights on no matter what time of day) while looking for the right house, I was more than excited to see the possibilities in this light filled house. It was its first day on the market and I was the only client among numerous brokers. I caught my broker’s eye and we both teared up knowing that  I had found THE ONE.  I couldn’t even pretend to “play it cool”.  I called my husband who was on the East Coast and told him that I had found our California house – He would be splitting his time between CA and CT.  I sent him some photos of the house, but they just didn’t do it justice.  While I would have loved for him to have seen it in person first,  my gut told me that it would be gone if we waited and as it turned out, there was a backup offer the next day.

My dear sweet husband took a leap of faith and we put in an offer that night. After negotiating, our offer was accepted with the contingency that the sellers were able to acquire a house that they were hoping to purchase.  Long story short, our sellers got involved in a bidding war with 11 other buyers and lost. They ended up renting the house from us until they could find another one. After 4 months,  (and a lot of worrying that it wasn’t even going to happen), the house was finally ours!  In the meantime, I had been collecting things for the house, using the condo as a storage unit.  It was beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders so the sale happened just in the nick of time!

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t marvel at the light and how good it feels to be in such a bright,  happy home.  Whether it’s a typical sunny California day, or subdued and foggy,  I never have to turn on the lights until nightfall.  I have stepped into the light.

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