Bye bye lawn, hello gravel!

As the drought wears on, lawns are going from green to brown and water bills are rising. I decided that we definitely didn’t need a lawn in our front and side yards. Being from the East Coast where lawns are a homeowners pride and glory, it took a bit of convincing for my husband to trade gravel for grass.

Having the yard torn up for weeks wasn’t a picnic, but the end result was certainly worth it. Neither of us miss the lawn one bit. And while the lower water bills are nice, I’m still hoping for a rainy winter…fingers crossed!

One thought on “Bye bye lawn, hello gravel!

  1. I love it and would like to add some gravel where it is impossible to grow grass down over here in Southeast Louisiana – I am concerned that our torrential rains (sorry to mention that!) would actually throw the small stones all over the place though and they would float away in the flooding yard.


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